Commonly Asked Questions About Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment or EIA is the process of determining how the environment may be affected by a project, or how a project impacts on the environment and is identified and assessed during planning. EIA determines the steps that are done to prevent any negative environmental impact or lessen the chances before they happen. Therefore, EIA is a proactive and preventative approach to protecting and managing the environment. If you want to know more about EIA, you can start by asking the right questions, and some of them are found here: Read More 

Four Signs You Should Choose Concrete Underpinning Over Resin Injections

If your foundation is not doing its job, you may need to hire someone to do some underpinning. This process strengthens the foundation and helps it hold the home more effectively. The two main options are concrete underpinning and resin injection. Here are signs you may want to choose concrete underpinning. 1. You have time and room for excavation. The process of concrete underpinning involves excavating under and around the existing foundation. Read More 

7 Skills You’ll Need To Succeed In Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing careers are popular amongst graduates, and there's fierce competition for jobs.  Here are some essential skills that will lead you to success in this lucrative field. 1. Be SEO-savvy As the direct liaison between your company and the consumer, you must be familiar with all things digital.  You can teach yourself or undertake a course, but the most important outcome is that you are able to optimise your product online. Read More 

The importance of using a migration agent

Have you ever thought about the professional help you need when applying for a visa? Well, it all depends on the knowledge you have and the familiarity of the visa application process of the country you want to visit. In many cases, many people are not familiar with the visa application process or the legal migration laws that are associated with a visa application. Fortunately, there are migration agents who can assist such individuals. Read More 

How To Use Psychology To Avoid Family Conflict At Christmas

For many of us Christmas is the only time of the year when we can all gather together as a family.  Unfortunately, what should be a time of celebration can all too easily descend into disharmony and argument as sibling rivalries, personality clashes and past grudges all manifest themselves. This Christmas, remember that the Festive Season is a time of goodwill to all, and it's not impossible to make the day an enjoyable one simply by employing a little basic psychology. Read More